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  • summer holidays
    Badminton during summer holidays 2022
    Overview of badminton opportunities at Van Zijderveld in July and August of 2022
  • lockdown
    End of Lockdown: Badminton at Van Zijderveld
    Badminton club Van Zijderveld will start its activities immediately, from Saturday, 15 januari. Free play for all members on Sunday 16th. All activities start on Monday 17th. in accordance with the regular schedule.
  • Merry Christmas
    Year-end message

    Grab your 15% discount on ADIDAS articles

    Unfortunately, badminton will be completely halted for the next few weeks. To get you off to a good start in the new year, our sponsor Allrackets is offering an attractive 15% discount on all Adidas products. Go quickly to and order your badminton gear with the discount code: ADIDAS15.

  • corona lockdown
    New hard lockdown: Sports Hall De Meerkamp closed until January 14
    In its press conference on Saturday, December 18, the Dutch Government declared a new hard lockdown, which will take effect on Sunday, December 19, at 05:00. Due to this hard lockdown, sports venues such as De Meerkamp will be closed until January 14, 2022.
  • corona
    Consequences of the new corona measures for badminton club Van Zijderveld
    The measure that amateur sports (matches and training) will not be allowed between 5pm and 5am for the next three weeks until December 19 has a major impact on activities at our badminton club. All activities have been stopped except for senior recreational badminton in the morning . A statement about the competition will follow later this week.
  • coronavirus entry pass
    Coronavirus entry pass mandatory for access to sports hall De Meerkamp
    [DAY-TIME BADMINTON] To gain access to sports hall De Meerkamp you need a coronavirus entry pass. From 8 November onwards, the board will be actively scanning this coronavirus entry pass. Only with a valid entry pass you will have access to sports hall De Meerkamp.
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