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    Van Zijderveld
    Our club from Amstelveen aims among other things to play badminton at the highest level.
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About us

Badminton club Van Zijderveld has a great history and ambition when it comes to badminton. The club was founded by Rob van Zijderveld in 1971 and has an established reputation in The Netherlands, for many players both youth and seniors are Dutch champion.
Talents get a chance
Talents are opportunities offered to meet the highest level of badminton. At Van Zijderveld talents can grow into the National Badminton Leage and Premier Leage.
Badminton with Passion
Youth is trained according to the Van Zijderveld youth academy model that has already produced many top players. Accompanied by good trainers you can practice several times a week and get personal attention.
For everybody
Besides sporting goals we are also a club for personal recreational or regional competitive goals.
We organize (family) tournaments and various social events.
Badminton is our passion

Please join us ...


News and updates

At Van Zijderveld

At Van Zijderveld

An impression of our activities

Club clothing set

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Club offering
Club offering
Met ingang van het seizoen 2017/2018 speelt Van Zijderveld in een nieuw tenue van Victor. Er is een mooi aanbod met kledingpakketten samengesteld.
Club articles
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